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50 Years, 50 Stories

Brighton Center at its very core is a community based agency. The people in our community and their needs are the driving force behind the work we do. Trends and fads will come and go, but Brighton Center will always provide services the community needs and wants. Every day, Brighton Center works to engage all members of the community from young children to seniors so that real change can become reality. Every one of them has a story worth sharing... the following are just a few.

In 2016 we celebrated a milestone 50th Anniverary year for Brighton Center . As part of our 50th Anniversary Celebration, we shared a story every week of a customer, volunteer, donor, community partner or supporter who is part of our history. 

Alice - An Inspiration to Youth in Foster Care

For the first time in my life, I have a direction and a sense of purpose. I feel capable of reaching my goals and I have a support system to ensure that I do. I’ve made connections here at Homeward Bound that will last a lifetime. My life wasn’t always like this though. 

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Sometimes it’s the support of family that gets you over your humps. For CET graduate Sara Holaday, that turned out to be true. As Sara tells it, “I love CET like my second family. The staff and trainees helped me get through tough times mentally and physically, motivated, me and helped me realize my skills and strengths.” 

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Heidi has been involved with Brighton Center for over half of her life, as both a customer, and later an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer.

However, this story will begin in August of 2016, when the foundation of Heidi’s house crumbled during a severe thunderstorm.  The very next morning Code Enforcement came to the house, and ordered it to be condemned.

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Kayla - A Long Road to Recovery

The Big Book states that only the hopeless know what it’s like to truly exist without hope and that was me to a tee. I am beyond grateful today to be able to have hope no matter what and to see all of these things that I swore never would happen to a junkie like me come true in my life and that is only due to the fact that I got out of the way of my own life and allowed something greater than me to mold me into something beautiful. 

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Teen Brothers Create New Family Thanks to Homeward Bound

Mike, age 16 and his brother, Mark age, 17 entered Homeward Bound Shelter in July of 2016 after being removed from their mother’s care. They were having trouble getting rides to school and became a truancy case for the cabinet. They were nervous upon entering the shelter, and said that they had an aunt in Ohio that wanted them and they wanted to live with her. 

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United Way

United Way has been a leader in our community for the past 100 years. Each day in our region we see the impact of their work as they help people learn, grow, aspire, and live their best lives. Brighton Center is proud to have been an agency partner with United Way for the past 46 years. We partner and collaborate with them as they advance the common good for all in our community in the areas of education, income, and health. 

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Bet & Dave

This thank-you note is addressed to every person, past and present, who has helped make the Brighton Center the success story that it is.  

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My earliest memoryof Brighotn Center is going through the annual kids’ holiday toy sale when I was 4 or 5 years old.  One dollar could buy so many toys that it would take us 3 or 4 trips to get all of our toys home. 

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I have been involved with Brighton Center since the summer of 1982.

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Sitting in CEO, Bob Brewster’s office in 1995, I fell in love with Brighton Center’s mission during my first sales call.  

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