Brighton Center

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Individuals and families receive the tools need to gain financial control of their future.

Reverse Mortgages or Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM=federally insured) are loans available to individuals who are 62 years of age or older, whose home is their primary residence, who have equity in their home, and are interested in a Reverse Mortgage loan. Counseling is a requirement before anyone can take out an FHA Reverse Mortgage loan. Brighton Center provides this service through a Certified Counselor.

The role of a Reverse Mortgage Counselors is to discuss specific information related to the homeowners in order for them to decide if reverse mortgage is a good fit or it other available alternatives are a better option.

  • There is a fee of $125 payable in advance which may be waived based on income – Click Here
  • Counseling is by appointment only (90-120 minutes long) and can be completed at the Newport or Florence location or by telephone
  • A certificate is awarded at the completion of the counseling session and successful verbal quiz

Why We Do It

Brighton Center offers this service to seniors in our community to ensure that they receive non bias counseling based on their financial needs.

Additional Information

Prior to a scheduled appointment, participants must read the following information before meeting with a counselor: